Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisal Services

Heavy Equipment Damage AppraisalInsurance companies and vehicle owners depend on skilled appraisers to accurately assess material damage and to rightly estimate its scope. This is true for vehicles of all kinds, and that includes heavy equipment. TTA Appraisal boasts a nationwide network of experienced, highly trained and certified material damage appraisers, with special expertise in farm equipment, construction vehicles, trains, and beyond. We invite you to learn more about our high standards of accuracy and our commitment to prompt, high-quality work.

We’re the Best Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisers in the Country and Here’s Why

TTA Appraisal has been a national leader in heavy equipment damage appraisal since 2010. We have a centralized structure that allows us to exert high standards of quality control, but we also boast a nationwide team of damage appraisers who can respond to your claim quickly. We strive to keep cycle time low, accuracy high, and customer service top-notch. These are the promises we make to our clients, and it’s our daily mission to uphold them. That’s why the TTA Appraisal tagline is Delivering the Promise.

We are also proud to boast a dedicated team of appraisers and client managers who work solely in heavy equipment damage assessment—so if you contact us with a claim, you can rest assured that it will be addressed by a true expert in the field.

TTA Appraisal offers assessments for vehicles in each of the following categories:

Farm Equipment Damage Appraisal IconFarm & Agriculture

Many of the claims we handle involve farm equipment and vehicles used in agriculture. The TTA Appraisal team offers a special knowledge of these vehicles, and we can provide prompt and accurate assessment of any damage done to farm equipment.


Along the same lines, we employ trained and certified experts in construction vehicle damage appraisal, and we address claims involving construction vehicles of all kinds. When there is an accident involving construction vehicles, our team is standing ready to offer an accurate sense of the damage done.

Trains Damage AppraisalTrains

TTA Appraisal provides expertise in the appraisal of train damage, as well, and can promptly assess any incidents involving train cars of any kind.

Containers Equipment Damage AppraisalContainers

Finally, we are pleased to provide damage assessment for containers of all kinds, as needed by our clients.

Cranes Damage AppraisalCranes

Our expertise in construction vehicle damage appraisal includes familiarity with cranes, and certified appraisers who know cranes inside and out.

Contact Us for Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisal Services Today

It’s this combination of factors that makes us the industry leader, and the standard-setter—and it’s also what makes us an invaluable ally to insurers across the United States. To learn more about our services in material damage appraisal, contact TTA today.