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The Nation’s Best Damage Appraisal Company

In the field of material damage appraisal, how can one company stand out? At TTA Appraisal, our answer is manifold. We are a national leader, raising the industry bar across several key metrics—including timeliness, quality, and the ease with which our clients can do business with us. More than anything, we seek to meet or exceed every possible expectation that clients may have for us, which explains our tagline: Delivering the Promise. We pledge the very best in terms of quality, precision, and promptness, and we aim to deliver every single time.

About Us

After accumulating years of experience in damage appraisal, our founders launched TTA on a national scale in 2010. We quickly made a name for ourselves by providing insurers with the low cycle times and attention to detail they require—ultimately helping them save money and ensure quality workmanship. Though our reputation is staked on appraisal of heavy trucks and equipment, we also provide our services in the appraisal of marine vehicles, motorcycles, power sports vehicles, planes, trains, and beyond. Real estate and commercial appraisal services are also key to what we do through our comprehensive national network of industry-leading appraisers.

National Damage Appraisal Services

Our appraisal process relies on the skill and expertise of seasoned professionals, and on our values of speed and communication. We provide appraisals promptly, and keep both the adjuster and the vehicle/property owner informed at every step of the way. TTA Appraisal is also proud to boast knowledge in a range of vehicle and property categories.


Our national network of appraisers is on hand to assess damages done to cars and trucks of all kinds.

Medium & Heavy Vehicles

Medium & Heavy Vehicles

No appraisal company has the reputation we have for knowledge in the heavy equipment field, including large trucks, tractors, and trailers.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Our knowledge of heavy vehicles extends even to construction equipment, which we can assess rapidly and accurately.



TTA’s appraisers also provide insight and evaluation for inland and offshore watercraft of all kinds.

Antiques, Classics & Exotics

Antiques, Classics & Exotics

Cars classified as antiques or classics require intimate knowledge and special consideration, and our appraisers can deliver.

RVs, Motor Coaches and Tour Buses

RVs, Motor Coaches, & Tour Buses

Likewise, larger passenger vehicles may come with unique considerations, and TTA Appraisal can bring the proper knowledge to bear.

Motorcycles, Powersports and ATVs

Motorcycles, Powersports, & ATV

Our appraisers can deliver prompt attention and quality evaluations for motorcycles and other forms of recreational vehicle.

Residential and Commercial Damage Appraisal Services

Insurers look to us for quick and quality assessments of homes and commercial buildings, as well as vehicles, and TTA Appraisal can deliver on our core values here, as well. We launched our property assessment team in 2016, and we have experts on hand to assess damage in locations across the country.

The TTA Difference - Quality Damage Appraisal

This is What Makes Us Different

There are only a handful of companies that do what we do on a national scale, and none that quite match the service and sophistication of TTA Appraisal. We thrive on being quick without sacrificing quality, and we always provide our clients with the results they seek—returning to our tagline, Delivering the Promise.

Nationwide Coverage: The Very Best Network of Independent Heavy and Auto Damage

Though our centralized office allows us to exert rigorous standards of quality control, TTA Appraisal is also able to summon skilled appraisers from throughout the country—giving us a truly all-encompassing area of coverage, and making us the damage appraisal team of choice among local and national insurance companies alike.

Contact Us for All Your Material Damage Appraisal Needs

We’re setting a new standard in material damage appraisal—providing our clients with the speed, quality, and ease that they’ve been looking for. Submit a claim to us today, or learn more about our company, by contacting TTA Appraisal directly.

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