• Introducing Quick Photo Est App

    – Reduces field appraisal costs
    – Resolves smaller losses with improved cycle time
    – Increases overall customer satisfaction

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Claims Industry Evolved

The service app that gives vehicle owners the convenience of self-inspecting the damage on their vehicle or property instantly.

How It Works


Vehicle owner receives a text or email to access and download the app via their smartphone or web browser.


Vehicle owner follows our simple step-by-step instructions to input claim info and upload photos and video from their smartphone or digital camera.


A TTA material damage appraisal specialist quality checks the photos, verifies the vehicle information and calculates an estimate based on competitive prevailing rates in the vehicle owner’s area.

Insurance Companies, Claims Adjusting Firms: Let Us Manage the Entire Process For You

Select QPE as an option for all claims assigned to us.

We’ll review each assignment and determine its QPE eligiblity.

If eligible, a certified TTA Material Damage Appraiser will immediately contact the vehicle owner and ask if they would prefer to utilize the service.

If the vehicle owner is in agreement, we’ll guide them through the inspection process via live chat.

Upon completion of the photo inspection, our TTA Material Damage Appraiser will prepare an estimate and deliver it to the inside adjuster within 3 hours.

Your Adjuster Can Qualify the Vehicle Owner and Damages – Prefer to pick and choose assignments for QPE service? No problem! Just send us the assignment and say ‘Quick Photo Est Service’.

Our QPE App Service is Better Than Our Competitors

Guided Live Chat Feature with an expert TTA Material Damage Appraiser

Quick Photo Est Video Feature

App Versions for More Than Just Auto (Heavy Truck, Heavy Equipment and More)

All Photos are Date, Time and GPS Stamped

No Smart Phone, No Problem: Upload Your Photos Taken With a Camera on Our Website

TTA Has Over 600 Vetted, Experienced Field Appraisers Across the U.S.

We Secure an Agreed Price with the Repairer When Possible

We Use the Right Estimating Systems for the Job


  • Our competitor’s average ‘Repairable Severity’ for Auto is 15-20% higher using their self-photo process versus a traditional field inspection
  • Their average supplement ration is 30-40% higher

The Bottom Line: TTA Quick Photo Est Appraisers are real Field Appraisers and thus avoid getting taken advantage of when a vehicle gets to a repair facility. Our ‘Repairable Severity’  for Auto is within 3% variance as compared to dispatching an actual TTA Field Appraiser and our supplement ratio using the QPE process is less than 10% on average.

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