STACK ® Database

TTA Appraisal utilizes the “STACK®” Database which allows our Clients to assign us claim; manage, view and track claims from submission to completion.  TTA utilizes STACK® to expedite the inspection process as well as to keep open and easy Communication…allowing your customers to either get back on the road faster or get the repairs under way faster.  Our proprietary website allows you and your co-workers direct access to your files to track the status of the claim and also the ability to pull documents and photos from older files that are already closed.

There are many functions of STACK® that allow us to expedite the process and come to a timely resolution for you and your Customer.

Please contact us for a Test Drive if you want to use TTA for your appraisal needs, or if you might want to use STACK® for your personal file handling needs.

Login into the STACK® Database