Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisal Services

Heavy Equipment Damage AppraisalInsurance companies and vehicle owners depend on skilled appraisers to accurately assess material damage and to rightly estimate its scope. This is true for vehicles of all kinds, and that includes heavy equipment. TTA Appraisal boasts a nationwide network of experienced, highly trained and certified material damage appraisers, with special expertise in farm equipment, construction vehicles, trains, and beyond. We invite you to learn more about our high standards of accuracy and our commitment to prompt, high-quality work.

Who We Serve

We are proud to offer our expertise on behalf of many different clients, including both insurers and claims management firms. We help inside adjusters complete claims promptly and accurately.

Why Choose TTA Appraisal?

TTA Appraisal has been a national leader in heavy equipment damage appraisal since 2010. We have a centralized structure that allows us to exert high standards of quality control, but we also boast a nationwide team of damage appraisers who can respond to your claim quickly. We strive to keep cycle time low, accuracy high, and customer service top-notch. These are the promises we make to our clients, and it’s our daily mission to uphold them. That’s why the TTA Appraisal tagline is Delivering the Promise.

We are also proud to boast a dedicated team of appraisers and client managers who work solely in heavy equipment damage assessment—so if you contact us with a claim, you can rest assured that it will be addressed by a true expert in the field.

Offering unmatched heavy equipment/vehicle damage appraisal with nationwide dispatch.
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What Happens After We Receive Your Claim?

Upon initial engagement, we get started immediately. Aside from quick dispatch, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service from claim assignment to completion. Expect the following as standard service traits as provided by TTA Appraisal:


Quick ConfirmationQuick Assignment Confirmation

Maintaining low cycle times is key to what sets us apart, and with that comes a commitment to assigning your claim and offering you confirmation promptly.

CommunicationDaily Communication and Follow Up

Our client management team works to keep you in the loop throughout the process, and to give you every confidence that the claim is being processed and completed as quickly as possible.

Pro-active, Dedicated Client Managers Readily Available to Assist

We take pride in the fact that we are easy to do business with, and that we always respond promptly to client needs—something we can do through our dedicated client management team, accessible whenever a question or an issue arises.

client-specific-profiles-auto-iconWe Profile and Customize for Your Business’s Unique Needs

At TTA Appraisal, we also understand that no two businesses are the same, and that the needs of our clients can vary from one to the next—which is why we are meticulous in adapting our services to meet each client’s specific needs.

Eyes on Quality ControlEyes on Quality Control by Highly Experienced, Former Field Appraisers

Our central office exerts rigorous standards on all our agents in the field. The TTA quality control team is made up of experienced appraisers who draw on their own experience in the field, and who work to ensure that each claim is met with the utmost in accuracy.

Status Report IconWe Provide Regular Status Report Updates So You’re Always in ‘The Know’

TTA Appraisal also offers ways for you to get an inspection done on the same day that your claim is submitted; we are pleased to offer both photo uploads as well as real time video assessments.

Customer Service
Lowest Average Repairable Severity

We offer the lowest average repairable severity of any company in our industry—something we accomplish by hiring the right people to do the appraisals and by maintaining set standards from our centralized office.

Saves MoneyIndustry Competitive Pricing

At the end of the day, the entire purpose of a company like ours is to help our clients save money—and as such, TTA Appraisal is proud to provide industry competitive pricing for our services.

TTA Appraisal offers damage appraisals for the following and more:

Farm Equipment Damage Appraisal IconFarm & Agriculture


Trains Damage AppraisalTrains

Light Aviation Damage AppraisalLight Aviation

Cranes Damage AppraisalCranes

Containers Equipment Damage AppraisalContainers


Available nationwide. Lowest cycle times and average repairable severity.
Choose quality, choose TTA.

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