Residential & Commercial Property Damage Appraisal

Property DamageFor homeowners, there is nothing more frightening than the prospect of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster doing extensive property damage. It does happen, though, and when it does, homeowners want to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible. At the same time, insurers want to ensure that the repairs are quoted accurately and carried out efficiently. Both parties benefit from a fair, independent appraisal, which is what the experts at TTA Appraisal offer.

TTA Appraisal is a national leader in material damage appraisal, and that includes residential and commercial properties alike. We’re known for our low cycle times, the high quality of our work, and exemplary customer service.

Why TTA Appraisal for Property Damage Appraisal

Since 2010, TTA Appraisal has provided nationwide expertise in vehicular damage assessment. Subsequently, we’ve expanded into residential and commercial real estate appraisal. In this field, we remain committed to the core principles on which our business was founded—namely, providing prompt assessments, maintaining high standards of quality, and making it easy for insurers to do business with us.

TTA Appraisal has a nationwide network of appraisers who specialize in real estate assessment; indeed, we have a dedicated team of experts who work solely in our property division. We also have a centralized business structure, empowering us to uphold high standards of quality and precision. Our tagline is Delivering the Promise—and we follow through, pledging the best real estate appraisal services to our clients, and then delivering them.

Types of Property Damage

The experts who work in our property division can provide expertise spanning numerous kinds of property damage, for residential and commercial properties alike.

Hurricane Damage Appraisal


High winds, driving rain, flooding—all of these things are part and parcel of life in hurricane country, and our appraisers are skilled in assessing any damage done.

Earthquakes Damage AppraisalEarthquakes

In other parts of the country, the most pressing danger is the one posed by earthquakes. TTA Appraisal brings expertise and professionalism to our assessment of any structural damage.

Tornado Damage Appraisal


Tornadoes can leave much destruction in their wake, but TTA Appraisal can get experts mobilized for a quick and precise damage report.

Fire Damage Appraisal


A house fire can be the cause of significant structural damage. One of our appraisers will be deployed promptly to offer an estimate.

Flood Damage Appraisal


Flooding, whether from heavy rain or from a malfunctional washing machine, can cause severe damage. TTA Appraisal offers speedy and precise assessment.

Hail Storms Damage Appraisal

Hail Storms

Finally, hail storms can take their toll on any home or business. An assessment from TTA Appraisal can get the repairs process started quickly.

Contact Us for Residential & Commercial Property Appraisal

Receiving an accurate appraisal is the first step toward getting repairs made promptly, and for the most reasonable price. TTA Appraisal is proud to offer this service on a national level. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our service and expertise in this field.