Marine Damage Appraisal Services

Marine Damage AppraisalTTA Appraisal is the national leader in prompt, accurate assessment of vehicular damage—and that encompasses even the damage done to boats, ships, and other maritime vehicles. Since 2010 we have offered our services on a national scale, and we even have a dedicated team of appraisers who focus solely on claims involving watercraft. Above all, we strive to provide prompt response times and high-quality work for all of our clients.


We’re the Best Watercraft Damage Appraisers in the Country and Here’s Why

There are a few things that enable TTA Appraisal to stand out from the competition. One is that we boast a nationwide network of damage appraisers, all of whom are skilled, experienced, certified, and thoroughly background-checked. When we receive a claim, we are able to dispatch a nearby appraiser promptly, keeping our cycle times incredibly low.

At the same time, TTA Appraisal has a centralized office that enables us to maintain the highest possible standards of quality control. We also offer dedicated customer service representatives and an array of technologies that make it easy for you to contact us, and ultimately easy for you to do business with TTA.

Types of Watercraft We Provide Damage Appraisal Services For

Additionally, we provide specific subject matter expertise in each of the following maritime categories.

Inland and Offshore Marine

When marine craft are involved in accidents or are otherwise damaged, it’s vital to have the scope of that damage promptly and accurately assessed—and the skilled appraisers in our network can do exactly that.

Personal Watercrafts Damage Appraisal
Personal Watercraft

TTA Appraisal provides damage assessments for watercraft of all sizes, and that includes personal boats and recreational vehicles—even jet skis. We can get appraisers dispatched with incredible speed, and deliver results with total accuracy.

Amphibious Crafts Damage Appraisal
Amphibious Crafts

Any vehicle that can operate on land and in water alike qualifies as an amphibious vehicle. We have experts in these specialized craft, and can provide full assessments of any damage that they receive.


TTA Appraisal’s dedicated maritime division also oversees material damage appraisal for hovercraft vehicles. Whether it’s for recreational or commercial use, our experts will provide a quick and precise estimation of any damage done.

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It’s this combination of factors that makes us the industry leader, and the standard-setter—and it’s also what makes us an invaluable ally to insurers across the United States. To learn more about our services in material damage appraisal, contact TTA today.