Auto Damage Appraisers

Auto Damage Appraisal Services

When an automobile is damaged, it’s important to assess the scope of that damage—and the cost of repair—quickly and accurately. TTA Appraisal is proud to offer that service on behalf of our clients. A national leader in material damage appraisal, TTA leans on years of experience, an unparalleled commitment to quality, and a network of skilled auto damage appraisers who ensure the lowest possible cycle times.

TTA Appraisal approaches each case and every claim with a commitment to promptness and reliability. That’s what makes us the appraisal partner of choice for insurers across the nation.

Expert, Timely, & Reliable Auto Damage Appraisers

At TTA, our tagline is simple: Delivering the Promise. What that means to us is that we always do what we say we’re going to do; by choosing TTA Appraisal, our clients know exactly what they’ll be getting. And what they’ll be getting, in brief, is unparalleled expertise; the lowest possible cycle times; and true professionalism throughout the process.

We’re the Best in the Industry and Here’s Why

Since 2010 we have risen to become the national leader in auto damage appraisal—and there are several reasons why.

dedicated-auto-staff-iconWe Have Dedicated Staff Assigned Solely to Our Auto Division

Auto appraisal isn’t something we do on the periphery; it’s a critical area of our business, and we have an expert team devoted to it.

National Coverage with Vetted Auto Damage Appraisers

The TTA network spans the nation, and includes auto appraisers who are seasoned, certified, and highly trained.

Eyes on Quality ControlUnmatched In-house Quality Control

Our centralized office allows us to exert the most rigorous quality control standards, and to ensure consistency with each claim.

Pro-active and Responsive Client Managers

We’re ultimately here to address the needs of our clients, and for that reason we have devoted client managers ready to assist.

Low Cycle Time

In our business, promptness is critical—and our national coverage allows us to dispatch nearby appraisers quickly. With that said, we offer a stunning 3.2 days cycle time, nationally.

Best Repairable SeverityUnparalleled Accuracy and Industry Low “Repairable Severity”

We’re quick, but we also strive to get it right—which means maintaining the highest standards of precision with each appraisal.

Specific Profiles Unique to Each Company’s Needs

We know that our clients aren’t all identical, and we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Everything we do is tailored to meet the client’s needs.

See All Else That Sets TTA Apart from All Other Damage Appraisal Companies

Ultimately, you can find out for yourself what sets us apart—check out some of our client testimonials, or call us today to learn more.

Various Inspection Services to Cover All Damage Appraisal Needs

We take pride in the fact that we are easy to do business with—and that means offering several different ways for your damage appraisal needs to be covered.

Traditional Field Inspection

Of course we have a team of experts throughout the country, all of them highly skilled in quickly and accurately appraising auto damage; we’re able to dispatch the nearest appraiser as soon as a claim is submitted.

Contact Us for Auto Damage Appraisal Services Today

It’s this combination of factors that makes us the industry leader, and the standard-setter—and it’s also what makes us an invaluable ally to insurers across the United States. To learn more about our services in material damage appraisal, contact TTA today.