Damage Appraisal Services – Unmatched Among the Industry

When a vehicle is damaged, it’s imperative for all parties—both the owner and the insurance company—to have an accurate sense of the scope of repairs. Too often, the cost for repair work is inflated or simply misjudged—but skilled appraisers can offer a refined, independent estimate, and control costs for everyone involved. That’s what TTA Appraisal does, and we do it well: We’ve built our reputation on low cycle time, quality work, and competitive pricing. That’s made us the material damage appraisal company of choice for insurers across the country.

We are proud to make our vehicle and equipment damage appraisal expertise accessible on a national scale, and also to exert rigorous quality controls throughout the process. We invite you to learn more about what makes TTA Appraisal distinctive.

Nationwide Damage Appraisal Suited to Cover All Your Needs

TTA Appraisal is pleased to offer comprehensive knowledge of material damage assessment, including expertise with a wide range of vehicles.


Our national network of appraisers is on hand to assess damages done to cars and trucks of all kinds.

Antiques, Classics & ExoticsAntique, Classics, & Exotics

Cars classified as antiques or classics require intimate knowledge and special consideration. Our appraisers can deliver.

RVs, Motor Coaches and Tour BusesRVs, Motor Coaches, & Tour Buses

Larger passenger vehicles may come with unique considerations, and TTA Appraisal can bring the proper knowledge to bear.

Motorcycles, Powersports and ATVsMotorcycles, Powersports, & ATV

Our appraisers can deliver prompt attention and quality evaluations for motorcycles and other forms of recreational vehicle.

Medium & Heavy VehiclesMedium & Heavy Vehicles

No appraisal company has the reputation we have for knowledge in the medium to heavy field, including medium to large-sized trucks, tractors, and trailers.

Heavy EquipmentHeavy Equipment

Our knowledge of heavy vehicles extends to construction, farming, agri and crane equipment, which we can assess rapidly and accurately.


TTA’s appraisers also provide insight and evaluation for inland and offshore watercraft of all kinds.

Traditional Field Inspections

We have a national network of appraisers who are skilled, certified, heavily trained, and background checked—in other words, ready to provide a timely and accurate estimate on the client’s behalf. We are able to dispatch the nearest appraiser promptly, and to provide a precise appraisal while keeping the cycle time minimal.

Technology-Based Inspections

In addition to our field inspections, TTA Appraisal puts the power into the hands of vehicle owners, through a pair of innovative mobile apps.

We’re the Best at What We Do: The TTA Difference

At TTA Appraisal, our tagline is Delivering the Promise—meaning that we do what we’ll say we do, and provide the results we say we will. Our centralized model helps us achieve this level of consistency: We have a nationwide team of damage appraisal experts who can be dispatched quickly, yet we also maintain tight quality control standards from our home base. This helps us to keep cycle time low and costs competitive. Additionally, we’re easy to do business with: You can submit a claim any time and have a nearby appraiser sent to help right away.

Contact Us for All Damage Appraisal Services

It’s this combination of factors that makes us the industry leader, and the standard-setter—and it’s also what makes us an invaluable ally to insurers across the United States. To learn more about our services in material damage appraisal, contact TTA today.