We Serve Insurance Companies

TTA Appraisal is a national leader in material damage assessment—and we are a proud partner of insurers across the country. We can offer the depth of expertise, the competitive pricing, and the sheer manpower that insurance companies need to cover their claims volume affordably and effectively. TTA Appraisal maintains the lowest cycle times in the industry, yet we also hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy. We are proud to work with insurance companies of all sizes.

With Full Nationwide Coverage, We’re YOUR Damage Appraisal Solution

For insurance companies looking to keep up with client claims as efficiently as possible, we provide ready solutions—and we’re eager to tailor those solutions to ensure they’re the perfect fit for your needs. TTA Appraisal can provide the quick turnarounds, the commitment to quality, and the affordability that your insurance company requires.

Our Centralized Structure and Quality Assurance Process is the Best in the Business

Though our network of field appraisers spans the country, TTA Appraisal has a centralized structure that allows us to exert the highest possible standards of quality assurance—turning around each assessment quickly, but also providing the utmost accuracy.

In-House ModelWe Adapt Our Process to Seamlessly Suit Your Insurance Company’s Needs

That centralized structure also allows us to respond to each client’s specific needs; we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all mentality here, and go to great lengths to listen to each client’s needs and respond in kind.

The TTA Difference - Quality Damage AppraisalOur Great Customer Service Compliments Your Great Customer Service

We’re serious about the quality of our work, but we’re just as serious about the quality of our customer service. We want it to be easy for you to do business with us, which is why we boast a team of client managers whose role is ensuring smoothness in your relationship with TTA.

Damage Appraisal Services We Provide

Our depth of knowledge in the field of material damage appraisal is simply unparalleled. TTA Appraisal offers services in each of the following categories:

The TTA Difference

TTA Appraisal has been providing material damage appraisal services on a nation scale since 2010. In that short span of time, we’ve risen to become industry leaders, raising the bar and setting the standard for cycle time, quality, and customer convenience. Our tagline is Delivering the Promise—and with every claim we seek to deliver the promise of promptness, professionalism, and expertise.

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