12 Things to Look for When Hiring an Independent Damage Appraisal Company

Independent damage appraisal companies play a significant role in the insurance world—a role that has a clear and direct impact both on insurers and on policyholders. After all, damage appraisal companies are called upon to quickly evaluate the damage done during an accident, and to offer an estimate for the necessary repair work. A good damage appraisal company will help the insurance company to save money, but also to provide prompt turnaround time for the policyholders; in turn, it allows these policyholders to get their claims addressed promptly so that they can move on with their lives.

To put it a bit differently, a good independent damage appraisal company will save everyone time, headaches, and hassle—but here it is important to point out that not all independent damage appraisal companies are created equal. And, given the important work they do, it’s imperative that insurance companies find the best damage appraisers to partner with.

But how can you tell when you’re dealing with a top-level company? What are some of the hallmarks to be aware of? Here are 12 things we’d say are essential for any damage appraisal team.

What to Look for in a Damage Appraisal Company

Easy Dispatch

An insurance company needs to be ready to dispatch an appraiser to anywhere in the country, usually with just a moment’s notice—so a damage appraisal company with a regional presence usually won’t cut it. It’s better to look for a company with a nationwide footprint and a centralized dispatch center, which can deploy appraisers to anywhere in the country quickly.

Quality Control

Appraisers should be fast, but also thorough; they need to meticulously review each case and provide a full account of what work needs to be done. High standards of quality control are key, and a good damage appraisal company will have those standards codified and enforced company-wide.

Customer Service

All businesses benefit from strong customer service, and damage appraisal is no exception. If you ever have a question or a problem that needs to be addressed, it’s important that you know exactly who you should contact, and that you trust they’ll respond to you in a prompt and helpful way.

Client-centered Approach

Your needs probably aren’t the same as your competitor’s; indeed, no two businesses are quite alike, so it’s important to find a damage appraisal company that will offer you a truly tailored service, not a cookie-cutter approach. Look for a partner who will recognize your company’s uniqueness!

Competitive Pricing

A good damage appraisal company will help you save money—which, in turn, can enable you to pass along some savings to your customers. As such, it’s pivotal to look for a company that will offer competitive pricing.

Low Cycle Times

Simply put, you want your damage appraisal work done quickly. Low cycle times keep your customers happy and minimize your own back-end hassle, so look for an independent damage appraisal company that will offer you those low cycle times. One thing to make note of is quick assignment confirmation, which shows you that your case is being treated with the utmost urgency.

Same-Day Inspections

In keeping with that theme, see if you can find a damage appraisal company that will offer you same-day inspections—the kind of quick turnaround your policyholders will really appreciate!

Clear Communication

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing the status of an ongoing claim. Ideally, you’ll find an independent damage appraisal company that can furnish you with ongoing status reports and clear updates, helping you feel confident that things are being taken care of promptly and properly.

Cutting-edge Technology

The field of material damage appraisal has changed dramatically in recent years, and technology plays a big role in that. As you look for the right partner, search for a company that embraces rather than shuns technology, and constantly seeks new ways to provide a quicker and better service.

Diverse Services

Damage appraisal needs can be wide-ranging, and for many insurers, it’s wise to have an appraisal partner who can cover all the bases—for instance, a company that can assess not only cars and trucks, but also damage done to boats, RVs, and other vehicles. The insurance needs of your customers will vary, so it just makes sense to have a damage appraisal company who can accommodate all of them.

Happy Clients

Any time you’re looking to form a long-term relationship with another service provider, it’s wise to ask about client testimonials and referrals. A damage appraisal company that truly provides exemplary customer service should have no trouble proving it.

Thought Leadership

Do you want to work with a leader, or a follower? Seek out a damage appraisal company that’s truly attuned to the latest trends and shifts within the industry, and ready to provide you with the very best services currently available. Companies that blog or display subject-matter expertise in some other way are recommended.

Start Your Search Here

There are a lot of metrics you should look at as you seek a best-in-class damage appraisal company—someone you can partner with over the long haul. As you search, we invite you to start by looking at TTA Appraisal. We think you’ll find that we have what it takes to help your company keep cycle times low, costs down, and customers happy. Reach out to us today to learn more.